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Here are a couple of pics from 1954 and our 50th Reunion.

Thinking of you and Jeff and how hard it is for you & your family to lose your dear sweet Mom. She was a good friend to many and so much fun. I remember sitting in her car before school, listening to Eddie Galliher on the radio and being late for class, with a “note from the bus driver saying sorry Sister, the bus was late! Fun parties, (She had a Thanksgiving milk punch party our freshman year in college & we were all so happy to be back together,) etc.

I had planned to come over & take her to lunch, but she told me she just wasn’t up to it. Sorry I missed one last visit with her.

I plan to be with you all on September 21st.

My deepest sympathy and my condolences to you all,

Mary Pat Shea Gaffney

PS Our Mother’s were friends growing up in Washington. Betsy’s baby blue eyes were from the Reilly clan. xo, MP

  • adminayda says:

    I was so lucky to have a mom that always made me feel so loved, blessed and supported. I am so grateful for being a part of her life. She was one of the strongest women I knew. She always tried to bring family and friends together with her Christmas parties. She loved watching her eagle cam and would get so excited as she would update us on the latest updates. She treasured all her friends and would tell us a lot of stories as we drove around. She loved her Redskins games and we would enjoy her commentaries on the game. She loved her sports and it was so fun watching her reaction to games. She battled through a lot of things in her life and always bounced back strong. I am so lucky to have her as mom and will miss her smile, love and stories.

  • John Browning says:

    Betsy was always happy to see you and learn what we were up to. I remember watching Wimbledon at her TH in McLean in the morning before heading to DC for the 4th of July fireworks with my HS friends. What a wonderful soul.

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