12 Things About Betsy Walsh You May Not Know

1 - She never wanted to be called "Grandmother" or "Grandma" so she branded herself as the World's One and Only "GranEWE" - EWE is her "classic" monogram (Elizabeth Walsh Eakin). You may have also known the relation to sheep/ram references due to her traditional initials being EWE. (EWE=Female sheep). Her license plate even had "EWE BET".

2 - She's a PROUD 60 year Redskins Season Ticket Holder.

3 - She's lived all her life in Washington D.C./Northern VA
(Falls church, Washington D.C., Arlington, McLean, Great Falls)

4 - Had a cat named "Dog"

5 - Shared her yard with a prairie dog and a one armed squirrel. She named the prairie dog "Scooter" and the one armed squirrel  "Bandit" after one armed bandit slot machines.

6 - She was an avid Herend collector- http://www.herendusa.com/figurines.html

7 - Her 2003 BMW  has less than 14,000 miles 

8 - She became a "Great Granewe" with the arrival of "Lucy" on 6/29/2012  

9 - She stopped years of smoking after 1 personal hypnosis session in 1989

10 - Both sets of Grand-kids were born 10 years apart!

Shannon  Walsh 10/19/1989  
Madison Walsh: 07/07/1999

Kaylee Walsh 1/29/1998
Ace Walsh        2/5/2008

11 - Her Genealogy report states she is  99.7%  Northwestern European with 93% British/Irish 

12 - Had a cockatiel named "Bert" until he laid an egg!... then promptly got renamed to "Roberta".